Jan 16

I have added in some of the final key details now so that you can go ahead and start the build. I have included the chain lines including the mounting points for the chain guides. I have also modified the rack so that it can be adjusted to fit on any bike with 700c road wheels.

Here are some images of the CAD files as the design stands now:


chainline2This shows the chain path. There will need to be 3 pulleys that will be mounted to the frame to guide the chain under the seat, and back to the rear wheel. This is necessary to avoid the chain rubbing against any of the frame members. The low tension side of the chain, will be guided through a plastic tube, as in many recumbent bikes.


chainline3chainline6chainline7I changed the design of the rack to be more adjustable, so that we can accommodate different road frames.

I think that we are now being pretty close to being able to begin to hand this off and start to actually build it. Lets plan to talk some time in the next couple of days, to discuss any final changes, and to get ready to start building this bike!

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