Dec 18

foot clearanceThis study tracks the path of Carolines foot to make sure that it has clearance throughout its range of motion. In particular I wanted to make sure that there was plenty of clearance with the ground. I was concerned that there might not be enough space to include a safety strap under her pedals.

I modeled Carolines feet, because with shoes they are bigger than Reid’s

Here are some more images showing the position of the bottom bracket. including the clamp to attach it to the main frame.

foot clearance2foot clearance3foot clearance4foot clearance5foot clearance6Next steps are to work on the hitch mechanism with the lead bike. As well as the coupling system to turn Caroline’s half into the running cart.

I have to go back to Palm springs tomorrow. Once you guys take a look at this we could talk some time tomorrow. I will be driving back around 4 California time……. I would be available in the car, or if that is not convenient then I could make time earlier in the day.

At this point we are entering the detailed design phase. So we need to make sure that we are happy with the seating geometry so far and overall frame style.

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Dec 07

Following the same procedure for Reid’s measurements. The only difference here is that I added 0.75inches to the lower leg measurement to allow for shoes. Resulting position is 0.75 less Throw for Reid than Caroline.geometry reid

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Dec 07

First Round Geometry Study

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I am homing in on the geometry. Basically what I did, was take 62cm road bike geometry, and then add in the known dimensions for the rear section. Where where the dimensions were undefined I created them. Next I will go through your body measurements and I will refine the bottom bracket location, and seat location.

After we have firmed up the seat/bottom bracket position, I will need to go through and create a clearance path for Reid’s and Caroline’s feet. This is to be sure that there is enough clearance for the whole foot throughout the pedal cycle.

More to follow


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