The Tribike project is a design project to create 2 trikes for Jay Reid and Caroline to be able to compete in a triathlon this upcoming spring.

The trikes:

The Three Person Trike (TriBike)

For the cycle portion of the race a three person recumbent tricycle to power all three members of the team at road bike speeds. Two of the three riding positions are required to be in a side by side format so that both riders can be in visual contact so that they can communicate by signing to one another.

The Running Cart

This is a pedal operated single speed bike with a target maximum speed of the 9 minute mile. This vehicle has handlebars attached to the back so that 2 people in the team Run along to compete the running portion of the race.

The purpose of this blog is to document and track our progress. This should include contributions and feedback from all members of the team.

The design and fabrication will be done by Graham Butler and Intrepid Equipment LLC, with input from Jay and Reid.

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