Jan 06

Just a quick update to show you the progress on the running cart:

running cartI have got the couplers in. There are still a few geometry issues that need to be figured out. Will post more detail tomorrow as I work on it.

2 Responses to “A preview of the running cart”

  1. Jay says:

    Graham- I spent some time this morning looking over the posts for the new year. It looks to me like the ball-hitch should work great. Do you need any specs off of my bike in order to make sure that the tandem hub/wheel that you are planning to use will work? It is a 2005 Specialized S-works, 62 cm I am pretty sure (I will double check) with a long seat post (plenty of room for the connector you appear to have drawn in).

    Everything looks good, I like the nice large casters on the running cart, they should give us plenty of stability and maeuverability. The more I see of the couplers, the more convinced I am that this will work.

    Just a couple of questions/comments:

    1) Brakes- will be be using disk or caliper brakes? My preference would probably be for disk.

    2) Behind Caroline’s seat there appear to be 2 extra supports that are not on the other side. Are these the handles we will use for running? This is mainly a curiosity question.

    3) I am not sure if I passed this on before, but after working with Caroline some over Chrsitmas, we are sure that her seat will need a shoulder harness if at all possible.

    4) I notice that there are handles under the seats. On Caroline’s side (and on the cart) will there still be something under her feet (a net of sorts) so that her feet do not hit the ground if they fall out?

    I think that is all the comments I have right now. Everything looks great and we appreciate your effort to wrap tis up quickly and get it to George. Since the hand bike season is coming up and January 9 is a deadline for you, please feel free to call me (202-841-8852) if you have any questions and need quick answers. Reid and I will be checking this site at least once a day and will continue to give you feedback. We certainly do not want to cause any delays on our end.


  2. Graham says:

    HI Jay

    I was planning on a disc brake on the back wheel. Do you think that we would need to have brakes on the casters also? If so, we could choose between disc brakes and caliper brakes. The wheels are 16inch (which is a standard size for kids bikes.

    The handles under the seat are stubs where the handle bars will attach for you and Reid. I did get your message about Caroline needing to have handles to hold on to. We could have these coming off of the seat base. I also hear you on the need to have more support on the seat back including a chest strap. I will put this into the design.

    I haven’t forgotten about the safety net under Caroline’s feet….just need a little more time to get it into CAD.

    Let’s touch base tomorrow to go over the details.

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